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Carpet Chair Mats

Find home and office chair mats for carpet that make it easy to roll around your work space. Carpeting can transform the style of your office, but it can be tough on office chairs. It can be especially difficult to move around in a rolling chair that sits atop a thick carpet, for example—and it can even damage the carpet by catching and ripping loose fibers. The Chair Mat Office offers the perfect solution: carpet chair mats. Our chair mats for thick carpets defend your carpeted floors from the wear of your office chair and allow you to move around at your leisure, without any hitches. We offer standard and custom carpets chair mats for home and professional office use. You can also find our carpet chair mats in different sizes, depending on your specific needs.

Protect your carpet from chair wear and tear; browse our carpet chair mats today!

Thick Custom Vinyl Chair Mat


Thick Standard Chair Mat | Clear .145" Vinyl

Thick Custom Chair Mat | Clear .145" Vinyl

For use on low pile carpet with no pad. As a result of the AnchorBar cleat system, these clear .145” vinyl chair mats offer unparalleled defense against slips and scuffs. To keep the mat from sliding around, the innovative AnchorBar system securely anchors it to the floor.  

    Thicker Custom Vinyl Chair Mat


    Thicker Standard Chair Mat | Clear .200" Vinyl

    Thicker Custom Chair Mat | Clear .200" Vinyl

    For use on lowpile carpet without a pad, thick carpet without a pad, and lowpile carpet with a thin pad. Equipped with the AnchorBar cleat system, this chair mat for carpet is made out of .200” vinyl material and offers protection against stains and wear. Lifetime warranty!

      Thickest Custom Vinyl Chair Mat


      Thickest Standard Chair Mat | Clear .250" Vinyl

      Thickest Custom Chair Mat | Clear .250" Vinyl

      For use on thick carpet with pad. This chair mat for thick carpet is our thickest option available that comes with the AnchorBar system. This system secures the map to the carpet to keep it from moving around underneath the user. The top of the mat provides scuff and stain resistance. Lifetime warranty!

        Black Vinyl Chair Mat Carpet

        Thick Standard Chair Mat | Black .145" Vinyl

        Thick Custom Chair Mat | Black .145" Vinyl

        For use on low pile carpet with no pad. Dressed in black for a professional appearance, our .145” vinyl carpet chair mat defends against wear and spills. As versatile as it is attractive, this mat can also be used to cover existing stains and damaged areas.