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Customer Testimonials


"We just ordered and received two custom-sized mats from The Chair Mat Office. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the mats. The custom sizing works perfectly in our home office. But the thing that impressed me the most was the day we received the first mat, I also received an e-mail from Matt Stephens (the owner) letting me know that the mats were being shipped separately and would be received on different days. Without that e-mail, I would have been concerned when I only found one mat in the first package. Great job all around. I highly recommend The Chair Mat Office."



"I ordered a custom Chair Mat and received the wrong size. After contact with the company a correct replacement mat was received a short time later. The quality of the Chair Mat is superior to others I had looked at plus a thicker material. My problem was corrected quickly so I can say "Customer Service" is excellent. Would highly recommend this product!"



"I ordered the large mat 60 x 72 rectangle .25" Custom. I love it! What a difference it makes in everyday life. I can roll from desk to table to files without leaving my chair. My chair doesn't slide and the mat doesn't walk. The owner himself advised me there would be a slight delay in the delivery since this was a custom product. The mat box arrived just days after he phoned. This is a great product and I love the mat. Carol Whelan"



"I didn't know I could get this excited about a chair mat! I ordered a custom mat cut from this size after being frustrated in my attempts to find something that fit. It was here and installed in less than a week. And it fits the space perfectly. I'm impressed with your quality and service. Thanks!"



"I was amazed at how quickly we received our custom chair mat from Chair Mat Office!  I have ordered chair mats in the past from other providers and they are all standard sizes and sometimes took several weeks to receive.  I have a desk and credenza that are a little off center and needed a chair mat to fit without moving the desk or credenza.  I found Chair Mat Office through a search on the internet for custom chair mats.  It was so easy to measure the space and fill in the on-line list for measurements.  We received our custom chair mat within a week and it was perfect!  Thanks Chair Mat Office for making my life a little easier!"