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Oversized Chair Mats

Discover the perfect fit for your large office desk area with oversized chair mats from The Chair Mat Office. The right mat doesn’t just look great, it feels great too. Perfect for large rooms or office settings, our oversized chair mats reduce the mitigating wear and tear that can result from chairs and heavy foot traffic. An extra-large chair mat is an ideal and cost-effective way to protect flooring.

The Chair Mat Office has everything you need to increase the lifespan of your flooring. These large chair mats also help your chairs glide around, instead of getting caught up in carpet or ruining hardwood flooring. Invest in an oversized chair mat today.

How to Order an Oversized Chair Mat Today

We can cut larger chair mats, out of roll stock. Currently we offer roll stock for the four material types listed below. To place an order out of roll stock, please navigate to the appropriate link below. If you are having trouble determining which material is best for you, please visit our material selection page for further guidance.  

After clicking a link below you will be taken to a page displaying the various widths we offer out of Roll Stock for that material. Please select the width that will accommodate your desired measurements. You will then be taken to a product page. Once there, please be sure to follow these steps.

1) Select the overall size of the raw material you will purchase using the Length in Feet drop down. We price our roll stock by the foot so it is critical that you include enough feet to accommodate the final measurements of your mat.

2) Select the actual, cut, length and width of the mat utilizing the Side A and Side B Drop down menus. (Remember we use the Length in Feet Field for pricing only. Your mat will actually be cut to match what you enter in the Side A and Side B fields.)

3) Select any additional options, such as Beveled Edge, as you desire and add your mat to your cart.

4) Complete checkout. 

Vinyl Chair Mat Hard Surface

NonStudded Roll Stock | Clear .125" Vinyl

For use on any hard surface. For use on any hard surface. Made out of clear .125” thick vinyl material.

AntiStatic Custom Vinyl Chair Mat

AntiStatic Roll Stock| Clear .125" Vinyl

For use on low pile carpet with no padding. Protect your floor with our anti-static .125” vinyl chair mat. These oversized chair mats not only help reduce wear and stains, they have chemicals that get rid static electricity. Please note, however, that the effects do not work if you are wearing shoes with rubber soles.

    Thick Custom Vinyl Chair Mat

    Thick Roll Stock | Clear .145" Vinyl

    For use on low pile carpet with no pad. Searching for an extra-large chair mat that will stay in place and offer slip and scuff resistance? To keep the mat secure, our clear .145” vinyl mat features the innovative AnchorBar cleat system.

      Thicker Custom Vinyl Chair Mat

      Thicker Roll Stock | Clear .200" Vinyl

      For use on lowpile carpet without a pad, thick carpet without a pad, and lowpile carpet with a thin pad. Our thick .200” vinyl chair mat is equipped with the AnchorBar cleat system that helps the map maintain its position on the carpet. It is also easy on both the carpet and fingers. The top of the mat boasts scuff and slip resistance.