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Office Desk Floor Mats

Browse the selection of durable standard vinyl chair mats for sale from The Chair Mat Office. With several different chair mat sizes, types, and colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home or office. An overlooked component in most work spaces, an office desk floor mat is essential for every space. Exposure to liquid and food can affect the floor’s appearance and quality, especially carpet. Thankfully, the desk chair floor mats from The Chair Mat Office fight off stains, spills, and daily wear, ultimately saving you money down the road.

When you require a vinyl chair mat that you can trust, go with the products from The Chair Mat Office. We have the perfect standard desk chair floor mats for your home or professional office area. Order yours today!

Vinyl Chair Mat Hard Surface

NonStudded Standard Chair Mat | Clear .125" Vinyl

For use on any hard surface. Manufactured out of .125” vinyl material, this non-studded chair mat is almost entirely clear. 

Thick Custom Vinyl Chair Mat

Thick Standard Chair Mat | Clear .145" Vinyl

Anchor your clear .145” vinyl mat to the carpet with the AnchorBar cleat system. For a year-round protection, this office chair mat features slip and scuff resistance.

    Thicker Custom Vinyl Chair Mat

    Thicker Standard Chair Mat | Clear .200" Vinyl

    For use on lowpile carpet without a pad, thick carpet without a pad, and lowpile carpet with a thin pad. Our standard chair mat available in .200” vinyl material offers the AnchorBar cleat system that keeps the mat from sliding on the carpet. It also features an exterior that is scuff, scratch, and slip resistant. Lifetime warranty!

      Thickest Custom Vinyl Chair Mat

      Thickest Standard Chair Mat | Clear .250" Vinyl

      For use on thick carpet with pad. For use on thick carpet with pad. This is the thickest clear chair mat that includes the Anchorbar. The top of the mat is scuff resistant. The perpendicular bars properly secure the mat to the carpet, so you do not have to worry about it slipping or sliding anywhere. Lifetime warranty!

        Black Vinyl Chair Mat For Hard Surfaces

        NonStudded Standard Chair Mat | Black .125" Vinyl

        For use on any hard surface. For use on any hard surface. Our black chair mat is perfect for protecting your flooring from spills and other wear. They can also hide old stains and damaged areas. Our durable mats are available in straight edge only.

          Black Vinyl Chair Mat Carpet

          Thick Standard Chair Mat | Black .145" Vinyl

          For use on low pile carpet with no pad. This black chair mat will protect your flooring from spills. It can also be used to cover up stains and worn out spots. When it comes to style and durability, you want to choose our black .145” vinyl mat. Available in straight edge only.