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5 Office Supplies That Have Innovated Productivity

thick chair mats

As a society, we have come a long way toward making our work environments more comfortable and productive. In fact, the offices of today are optimized to the point of near perfection. There are several components to any office that make the highest level of productivity possible. Here are the most important ones. 

  1. Chairs
    Having a place to sit is pretty simple on the surface. Over many years of innovation, though, chairs have undergone a transformation that completely changes comfort while sitting. Today, there are many ergonomic options that support proper posture based on physiological research findings. Sci-fi levels of sophistication in chair technology are here today and here to stay, but innovations began in the 20th century. 
  3. Thick Chair Mats
    One problem cushy office chairs with wheels created was an incompatibility with carpeting. Rolling over a plush carpet was difficult for most office workers. Luckily, there are many different types of custom chair mats to deal with this issue. Thick chair mats can cover carpets, preventing indentations from the wheels and making movement easier than ever. 
  5. Desks
    Your work surface is your base of operations. This is as true for mechanics as it is for programmers. You need a flat surface that can organize your responsibilities so you can access anything you need at a moment's notice. 
  7. Lights
    From candles to LED light bulbs, we have certainly come a long way in lighting technology. Proper lighting can reduce fatigue in your eyes for those long nights of working toward your upcoming deadline. This contributes to productivity more than you would ever imagine. Where would we be today without light bulbs? 
  9. Computers
    It seems almost unfair to include computers on this list, but they are possibly the one invention that has increased office productivity more than anything else. Of course, everything else mentioned here has contributed in some way to the invention of computers, but computers will take us to new heights as they have already done many times. 

Office productivity started with chairs, desks, thick chair mats, lighting, comfort, and ergonomics. These tools all lead to one of the most important innovations ever. After the computer was created, all of these office tools became even moreimportant, making computers a delight to interact with. 

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