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5 Office Decor Tips to Maintain a Professional Image

black chair matCongratulations on your recent promotion! Besides a big bonus, a bump up the corporate ladder, and extra holiday time, you also got a swanky new corner office. It's a good feeling when all of your hard work finally starts paying dividends. Still, more money implies more responsibility. It also implies a heightened level of professionalism. If your previous workspace was a little disorganized and unaesthetic, that's okay. Now that you have a bigger office, though, you need to step up your professional decor game. Here are some ideas that might help. 
  1. Plantlife
    Nothing livens up a space quite like potted plants. Get something simple and low maintenance to save time. Plants will bring fresh air and relaxation to work with you every day. 
  3. Free Candy
    Now that you've been promoted, you likely have people working underneath you. Try to be as approachable as possible by bringing a bowl of candy to work and leaving it out on your desk for anyone who needs a sugar rush.
  5. A Black Chair Mat
    Having a well put together (and functional) workspace is as professional as it gets. Black chair mats are effective at bringing an entire room together. If your company hasn't already invested in office floor mats for chairs, then check out our online store. 
  7. An Ergonomic Desk Chair
    The United States generated an estimated office furniture sales volume of $46,203 million in 2018, the highest global sum. Basically, we take office furniture seriously here. There are so many different options for office chairs that can improve your posture and make a desk job much more manageable. 
  9. Cozy Meeting Seating
    Nothing makes an office more professionally designed than a comfy set of chairs and a nice big table. This will make your office a desirable place to host meetings.

When advancing your career, you will begin to understand just how rewarding hard work can be. You will also realize how much more work you are undertaking by accepting your promotion. Finally, you will need to take more care of the way your office is presented. Try your best to have an inviting atmosphere that maintains a professional decorum. 

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