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Why The Humble Chair Mat Is More Important Than You Think

hard floor chair matsFor many years, the office chair was a bulky, four-legged behemoth that sat stationary in front of a desk. Today, there are many modern interpretations of the desk chair. There are ergonomic posture settings, adjustable heights, different synthetic fabrics, and a plethora of other features. Perhaps the most important technological advancement in the sitting space came from none other than Charles Darwin. In the 1800's, Darwin was busy discovering the foundations of modern biology. In his free time, he came up with the revolutionary idea that chairs should have wheels. 

Well, the idea took off, and now offices everywhere have rolling desk chairs featuring this seemingly simple idea. There was one problem, however. Old wheeless chairs didn't have to maneuver over a variety of floor surfaces and cables because they didn't move. So with the invention of the wheeled office chair came the problem of how to use it on every surface. 

Chair Mats
More likely than not, you have sat in an office chair before. If you're lucky, you've even used one for work that sits atop a chair mat. These humble office accessories can make a world of difference for desk chair mobility, allowing you to glide seamlessly across any type of floor. 

  • Hard Floor Chair Mats
    If you have hardwood floors in your office at work or at home, you might have had a wheel caught in the floorboard before, or even snag a loose nail. This can impede your workflow and be a bit irritating. With a chair mat underneath, this isn't an issue. 

    Hard floor chair mats are also a great way to prevent stains. A coffee spill is inevitable given enough time. Having a chair mat on a hard floor can prevent damage from stains, while also preventing any damage to hardwood floors which would otherwise be caused by the chair wheels. 
  • Carpet Chair Mats
    Likewise, custom chair mats for carpets can prevent unsightly stains and aid with mobility. If you've ever used an office chair on thick carpet, especially the kind you're likely to have in a home office, you will know just how hard it can be to roll around freely. 
Like Charles Darwin, who is acclaimed not for his invention of the wheeled office chair, but for his amazing work in evolutionary biology, the chair mat might see little attention for the humbly important work it does. The work it can contribute to, on the other hand, could turn out to be our next great leap forward. 

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